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It’s rare that you come across a video artist who curdles your brain as easily as he makes you beam with laughter. ¬†Canada’s SMEARBALLS has clearly picked up the video culture jam torch lit by the 1990s pioneers Emergency Broadcast Network and carried further into the 2000s by¬†T.V. Sheriff. And in this era of instant cut and paste YouTube parody remixes and one-note mash-ups, it’s refreshing to see the bar for audiovisual mixing be once again raised by someone who clearly understands the potential of digital video.

News anchors, preachers, commercial personalities and an assortment of overlooked junk television and internet morsels are sucked up and sprayed out across a digital grid to create a humorous, raunchy and overall engaging mix of funky dance music and video mutations.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming collaboration between SMEARBALLS and T.V. Sheriff, The News Hit (“Newshit”) Network, coming soon to YouTube.

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