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February 28th, 2012


Dark and airy mix of chill dub and dubstep


After Skoi Sirius (b. Shawn Lass) found himself in a warehouse barely standing (known as the Icehouse, outside Phoenix, AZ), an addiction to the love for electronic music began to take over his brain. Dara was the headliner that evening, and this new world of complex drum patterns around 170bpm, drenched in thick basslines like he’d never heard before, created an explosion inside his brain. Being a complete D&B head for years, while all the while developing a taste for the avant-experimental, the ear and palate opened further and a love for all things electronica set in. The DJing began at a family gathering in the Washington desert in 2007, and from there Skoi has now found himself spinning everything from ambient to downtempo, and all the way up to the headiest dubstep he can find. With a music collection as vast, rare, and imported as his knowledge of fine beers, the love for electronica has also taken new direction in the form of multiple production groups: Frequent The Tides (an experimental downbeat glitch project w/ Dojo ~ ~) and Doors Wide Open (an ambient project w/ Seattle guitarist Ari Joshua Zucker). As the love and lust for the sounds of the beyond get deeper and deeper as time moves forward…stay tuned!



  1. Jack Sparrow - Exit - Tectonic
  2. Monolake - Null Pointer - Monolake/Imbalance Computer Music
  3. Shed - The Bot - Ostgut Ton
  4. Vaccine - Breathless - Hotflush Recordings
  5. Pangaea - Nest - Hessle Audio
  6. Pinch - Qawwali - Planet Mu
  7. Shackleton - Hamas Rule - Skull Disco
  8. Appleblim & Peverelist - Circling - Skull Disco
  9. Pinch & Moving Ninja - False Flag (Kryptic Minds Mix) - Tectonic
  10. Headhunter & Djyuna - El Presidente - Surefire Sound
  11. Dom Hz - Everyday Dreamer - Subdepth Records
  12. Manouvre - Mr. Moody's Morning Madness - Je M'en Fish
  13. DJG - Lichen - DJG Self-Released
  14. Jus Wan - Beyond - Jus Wan Self-Released
  15. Headhunter - Dedale - Transistor
  16. F - Chillin' - 7even Recordings
  17. Shredexx - Silence - Subdepth Records
  18. Commodo & Lurka - Gassin' - Black Box
  19. Dj Madd - Good Old Days - Black Box
  20. Kryptic Minds - Six Degrees - Swamp 81
  21. Biome - Space - Black Box
  22. Biome - Fear of the Future - Peer Pressure
  23. Kryptic Minds feat. Youngsta - Arcana - Black Box
  24. Shredexx - S.A.M.C.R.O. - Subdepth Records
  25. DJ Madd - Dub Marine (Kryptic Minds Remix) - Black Box
  26. Bunzer0 - Indolent - Haunted Audio Recordings
  27. Steve Foulds - Visions of the Future From the Past (DFRNT Remix) - Stripped Recordings
  28. Vaccine - Wishful Thinking - Hotflush Recordings
  29. Submotion Orchestra - All Yours (Jack Sparrow Remix) - Exceptional Records
  30. Oceania - Watercolour - Savory Audio
  31. Kryptic Minds - Fade To Nothing - Black Box

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  1. marie
    Thu, March 1, 2012

    access denied to download =-( any suggestions?

  2. Thu, March 1, 2012

    it’s fixed now! sorry about that

  3. Tue, March 20, 2012

    Well done Shawn! Lovely stuff… its rare to find a solid throughout 2 hour mix, Good Work.

  4. Sat, April 14, 2012

    GABE!! Thank you so much man! Means a lot coming from you!

  5. IMBO
    Tue, October 9, 2012

    Access totally denied! Would love to put this into rotation bruv. puff puff give

  6. Tue, October 30, 2012

    Access denied? I just checked the link and it’s working. Are you not able to download? right click, save link as


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