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March 6th, 2012


Twisted house, squelchy tech-house and pretty techno round out this decidedly soulful, midwest jackin’ mix.


A Brooklyn native, Monty Luke began producing in the early 2000s, bringing a funky, raw eclectic sound to the west coast techno underground. Dubbed a favorite amongst local DJs and ‘those that know’ for years, Monty has continued to set the bar high for himself and his listeners, melding his upfront, cut-up DJ mix style and electrifying presence to dancefloors worldwide. In 2002, Monty released “What U Feel,” a collaboration between himself and reclusive producer extraordinaire L. Ray Robinson under the moniker Loopwreckas on the Imperial Dub label. Monty then teamed up with Stompy Hi-Fi resident DJ Tasho and they have since dropped the instant classic, “Paranoid,” the second release on Mothership.

Mid 2008 he relocated to Detroit and is became a resident DJ at Demon Days, an event by Detroit legend and producer Carl Craig. The party takes place in San Francisco 4 times each year and has had guests such as Lindstrom and Lazy Fat People. He and Craig teamed up for “Panik Attack,” an hypnotic follow-up to “Paranoid.”

Managing the development of Craig’s home-based label, Planet E Communications, Luke received opportunity and encouragement to push ahead in his career. 2009 saw the release of yet another single, the nebular “Art, Love, and War,” then in 2010 he performed with the D25 World Tour alongside DJs such Theo Parrish, Kenny Dixon Jr., Derrick May and more. In 2011, Monty launched his own imprint, Black Catalogue. The label is focused on raw, underground electronic music talent and will primarily be a stage for him to release music on his own terms. You can also hear Luke monthly, on his Scion A/V show “Wave of the Future.”



  1. Mike Callender - Twilight
  2. Carter Bros - Keep In Touch
  3. Mountain People 10.2 - Mountain People
  4. Monty Luke - In Love With A Dancer - Full Flavor
  5. Marley Marl - Everybody - West End
  6. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - Ubiquitous Gaze - Circus Company
  7. Zed Bias - Stubborn Phase - Swamp 81
  8. Recloose - UHF - Rush Hour
  9. WRR022_A
  10. The Big Crunch Theory - What To Say (Roman Fleugel Dub)
  11. Daphni - Ye Ye
  12. I-Cube - Transpiration - Versatile
  13. Halo Vargas - Future - Siesta
  14. Inner City - Future (Kenny Larkin Mix) - Defected

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