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T.S.R.O.E as Nancy Dru


Vancouver BC



Acid House / Tech-house / Techno


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August 6th, 2012


A trippy set of acid house, electro and strange, fun and druggy tech-house


Jen Pearson grew up in a large suburb of Vancouver, listening her dad’s strange records, playing goofy melodies on her bontempi, trying to learn guitar but finding reel to reel loops much more appealing. As a result, she has always been obsessed with the stranger end of electronic music. In 1997 she started online radio stations geekmusic and geekmusic 2, playing IDM of the golden era. She also began producing her own music at this time as The Square Root of Evil, and now has numerous releases under her belt, including two EPs, “Chirping Data” and “Killerbytes”. As well, she has played countless live shows around the world, including festivals such as Soundwave, Mutek, and Communikey, and alongside such artists as Plaid, Venetian Snares, Books on Tape, FFF, Cursor Miner, and Captain Ahab.

Tastes change, helped by a healthy dose of music festivals such as New Forms, Decibel and Mutek. Gradually Jen found herself enjoying the four on the floor sounds that she had previously brushed off (the 303’s didin’t hurt either). In 2011 she helped to start an idm/techno bi-weekly in Vancouver- “” and has been a resident DJ (as Nancy Dru) there for over a year, using her experience as a producer to craft danceable sets with some less predictable twists and turns. As well, she plays underground parties in Vancouver, deep & dark techno sounds that appeal to the brain as well as the body.



  1. Does Ape - Ed Chamberlain - Semantica Records
  2. Die 3 Millionen Musketier - Dominik Eulberg - Traum Schallplatten
  3. On The Road Again - Jacek Sienkiewicz - Cocoon Recordings
  4. Amnion - Dadub - Stroboscopic Artefacts
  5. Ultimate Desert Ambassador - Lee Van Dowski & Quenum - Soma Quality Recordings
  6. Junebug - Hobo - Minus
  7. Trance Me Up (Skudge Remix) - Achterbahn d'Amour - Acid Test
  8. Barrow Boy Acid - Ben Sims - Balkan Vinyl
  9. Back To Dat - Symplx - Subspec
  10. Corrosion (Bitten By The Black Dog) - Anodyne - Psychonavigation Records
  11. Honeycomb - Luke Abbott - Amazing Sounds
  12. Organza (Transparent Dub) - Cio D'Or - Prologue
  13. Tentacular - Jens Bond, Benno Blome - Sender Records
  14. Breaker Fever - Tomas Jirku - Basic Sounds
  15. Detached Object - Samuli Kemppi - Mote-Evolver
  16. Take Apart - Joel Pryde - Basic Sounds
  17. Mer - Aiken - Semantica Records

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