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Tomas Jirku




Rivers of Recordings / Nice & Nasty


Downtempo / Dubstep / Electro / Techno


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March 7th, 2011


A DJ and live hybrid recording of ambient, downtempo and techno with electro, dub and dubstep influences


Tomas established himself over a decade ago within the golden era of minimal and glitch techno and helped define the sound. From his first experimental dub albums on Montreal’s Alien8 and Intr_Version labels he quickly catapulted across the pond to Euro-labels such as Force Inc, Klang Elektronik and Traum. In the time since he has explored hip-hop with The Killaz, house music through various remixes, electro, ambient, idm and the realms between genres with the freedom afforded to himself since starting up his own Rivers of Recordings label.

His most recent “Illectodubs” album saw him return to the dub sound first developed in his highly regarded “Entropy” album. This recording, exclusive to Plasmodium, pushes that material even further by taking the music originally suited for headphones closer to the dancefloor. Also remixed are early demo tracks from his cohort Rob Warren (with whom Tomas produces under the St. Helens moniker). The mix then winds down through a few tunes from which inspiration has been drawn, albeit not overtly.

Not content to sit still in one mode, Tomas’s next album “I Am A Wild Party” (soon to drop on Ireland’s Nice & Nasty records) brings him back to minimal techno, all the while referencing Kraftwerk, Logan’s Run and Bel Biv DeVoe.



  1. Tomas Jirku - Typo (Remix) - riversof
  2. Rob Warren - Tunnel Dub (Tomas Jirku Remix) - riversof
  3. Rob Warren - Hastings Sunrise (Tomas Jirku Remix) - riversof
  4. Rob Warren - 1840 (Tomas Jirku Remix) - riversof
  5. Rob Warren - Relay Run (Tomas Jirku Remix) - riversof
  6. Rob Warren - Megatron Disto (Tomas Jirku Remix) - riversof
  7. Rob Warren - One For This (Tomas Jirku Remix) - riversof
  8. Tomas Jirku - Triplesec (Remix) - riversof
  9. Tomas Jirku - Tweep (Remix) - riversof
  10. Tomas Jirku - Orion (Remix) - riversof
  11. Tomas Jirku - Bunch of A's (Remix) - riversof
  12. Tomas Jirku - Dunwright (Remix) - riversof
  13. Rob Warren - On Kingsway (Tomas Jirku Remix) - riversof
  14. St. Helens - Ground Effects (Tomas Jirku Remix) - riversof
  15. James Blake - Sparing the Horses - Hemlock
  16. Lorn - Forcast - VGR
  17. Mosca - Nike - Night Slugs
  18. Silkie - Concrete Jungle - Deep Medi Musik
  19. Joker - Tron (VIP Mix) - Kapsize
  20. Girl Unit - Every Time - Night Slugs
  21. Lorn - Glass and Silver - Brainfeeder
  22. Ramadanman Tempest - Hemlock
  23. Mount Kimbie - Maybes (James Blake Remix) - Hotflush

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