Many things make the man. He needs arms, legs, head, heart, soul and (sometimes) clothes. Water for hydration, food for sustenance, xbox for sanity. Plasmodium means multi-nucleic, and so are we. While we may be a DJ, a producer, a graphic artist, a photographer or a nerd, no single thing defines us. So why should this blog? Plasmodium.net serves as an outlet for our many interests as well as a platform to showcase Totally Rad Music being made by Totally Rad People from all corners of the globe.

Plasmodium started out in 2004 as a weekly 4-hour internet radio show broadcasted live from Oseao in Seattle, WA, with residents Kristina Childs, DJ Saigon, Miss Kick (aka Red Pony), DJ Veins (aka Dave Segal), Paul Edwards and Brandy Westmore. It featured many styles of electronic music as well as artist and label features, interviews and special in-studio live performances. When Oseao changed it’s business plan from internet broadcaster to aggregator/distributor, Plasmodium Radio had to find a new home. Fast-forward to September 2009: Plasmodium Radio v3 with a new format, new delivery method and new content-driven website. Ta-Da!


Brian Willoughby

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Brian's work hovers around that point where analog electronics and computers meet the physical world in a practical way: custom software, circuit design, and decades repairing stage-abused electronics. He has too many guitars, but not enough synthesizers.

Chris Aldirch

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Chris Aldrich is a Detroit native who relocated to Seattle in 2005. A Techno and Deep House DJ for ten years under the moniker Ctrl_Alt_Dlt, Chris also co-founded Sweatbox in 2008 which has curated numerous weekly, monthly, and one off parties in the Emerald City. A love of writing and words has always been at the base of it all and when he's not in the studio, the booth or on the dancefloor, there's a good chance he's typing away trying to get at the essence of this radically interesting planet we inhabit.

Jesse Farmer

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Jesse Farmer is a lifetime Northwest native who knows what he likes, and you'll be damned to tell him otherwise.

Kristina Childs

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Kristina Childs is a DJ and graphic designer living in Seattle, WA. A native Cascadian, she's always busy undertaking some sort of project. She's been a club promoter, festival director, freelance designer, caterer and professional bacon-eater. She is a vocalist, a dancer and a poet. A reserved fawn. A total spaz. She's not a blogger, but she plays one on the internet.


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makes music. makes mixes. makes remixes.


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Mathew Anderson is a moderately failed musician/writer/cyclist. He enjoys listening to the same music he did when he was a teenager and airs his poorly thought out opinions without regard to the retraction or apology that usually follows. He is single.


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Stephen Schieberl was born in Milan, Italy on December 6, 1977 and is now living in Portland, Oregon. He took the moniker "Let's Go Outside" as a tribute to his fascination with outdoor activities, most notably parachuting. Schieberl started DJing and producing electronic music in the early nineties. He was signed by Glasgow-based Soma Quality Recordings in 2006, his music receiving support from luminaries such as Andrew Weatherall, Laurent Garnier and Ivan Smagghe. After eighteen appearances on the label he focused on managing his own imprint, Slant Records.