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Clink Recordings’ leading lady is undoubtedly one of techno‚Äôs hottest female acts. A DJ for over ten years, she began as a pianist and music lover in Seattle when she was first exposed to electronic music in the 90s. After moving to Brooklyn in the early 2000s in she created the Clink imprint with fellow labelmates Insideout, Tim Xavier and Tony Rohr. Since then she has relentlessly worked to bring her musical vision to the world by releasing her own production and working with a diverse selection of talented artists to create the unique sound of Clink. These are Camea’s current top 10.

1. Love / Hate – Guy Gerber – Supplemental Facts
2. Supersonic – Mark Henning – Clink
3. Sonic Duality – Tim Xavier – Clink
4. Second Hand Feet – D’Julz – Ovum
5. Brush Me Down – Nick Hoppner – Ostgut Ton
6. Just Me – Audion – Spectral
7. KamaKama – Sascha Dive – Love Letters From Oslo
8. Time and Space – Martinez Remix – Moon Harbor Recordings
9. Helicoptere – Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts – Circus Company
10. N2 – Erphun – Sleaze Records

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