Designer Drugs are good for you!

Posted by | Friday, February 11th, 2011 | 1 Comment

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If you couldn’t tell already, I’m a packaging whore. Innovative, eye-catching designs will always make me look thrice. Pair it with an honest, conversational brand voice and I’m glamored.

These little pills also nix over-played marketing buzzwords in favor of simple dosages.

“We haven’t used ‘extra strength’ to describe our headache pills even though they do have lots of acetaminophen. That’s because if everybody always used ‘extra strength’ to describe headache pills then ‘extra strength’ wouldn’t really mean anything anymore. And we don’t want the things that we say to mean nothing.”

Yes, I do think we have a winner.

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  1. Fri, February 11, 2011

    And of course, they sell these on Virgin America flights.


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