“WOW” of the day: IMakeMyCase product & website

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I have a love/hate relationship with flash websites. Most of the time flash is used superfluously and seems to serve no purpose other than to frustrate me when trying to find a good happy hour via iPhone. But occasionally one comes around that really sucks me in. Ironically I hadn’t even heard of I Make My Case until today when illustrator Chuck Anderson (aka NoPattern) tweeted about their lookbook. And sure, the lookbook is fantastic but I was even more enamored with the full website. Completely interactive, it’s one of the best applications of flash I’ve seen.

Using design elements created by the illustrator of your choice, you literally design your smart phone case; dragging, resizing, rotating and layering, similar to the way you would create a design using Photoshop or Illustrator. The product is cool, the concept is cool and the website is 100% awesometime. Kudos to the design team (Erik Attkisson and Matt Shackleford for the record) and the many fabulous illustrators who lent their talents to stylishly protect our pocket electronics. I want one for my MacBook Pro. Hey Case-Mate! You listening??

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