Derek Plaslaiko Q&A for Sweatbox 4 Year Anniversary

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Berlin-via-Detroit DJ Derek Plaslaiko makes his return to Seattle for the Sweatbox 4 Year Anniversary (12 Hour Marathon), April 21st at the Electric Tea Garden. In anticipation of his set, we threw a few questions his way to see what he’s been up to and got his thoughts on DEMF, 20-hour sets, and remembering the normal times. So, without further delay… here’s Derek!

How’s Europe? Traveling much, going out a lot?

It’s excellent! Been travelling a bit for gigs, and outside of gigs as well. Been staying in more to work on music, but sometimes you gotta go out! Always something fun going on!

What’s some of the weirdest shit you’ve seen at the clubs in Berlin?

Hahahaha… They sell ice cream at Berghain. That’s pretty weird!

Top 3 tracks you’re playing right now.

HRDVSION – Prettier Than That
Ludovic Vendi – Qouik
Jay Bliss – X (Petre Insperescu Remix)

I remember you posting about a 20+ hour set last year somewhere in Berlin, a new record for you if I remember correctly. What’s the story behind that one?

I was asked the day before if I could play at CDV (Club Der Visionaire). I said sure, but didn’t know it would be just me from around 2 PM Saturday to around Noon on Sunday! I asked a few people to join in, but it was a Saturday and most friends were out of town for gigs! Patrik Skoog was around and came down and tagged with me for most of it, but he was only able to play on one side, so I couldn’t really go very far! Was a great time!!

Any new releases on the horizon? How’s your production game coming overall, putting a lot of time into it?

Just released “Is Your Mother Home” by BMG and myself. That’s on Interdimensional Transmissions out of Detroit. Other than that, nothing. Been working on solo stuff for a good part of the Winter, so hopefully some of it will be out. Once it’s finished, of course.

Are you excited for DEMF this year?

Of COURSE! Playing Monday night before Stacy Pullen closes out on the Made In Detroit stage. Always a good time, be it in the plaza or around town!

Name the best set, either live or DJ you’ve seen in the last year.

Marc Schneider always blows me away. I’d say every time he has played, it becomes my favorite set of the year. Joel Mull downstairs at Berghain closing out the Drumcode anniversary party a few months back was really, really special too.

Going for the pro-tip on this one. It seemed pretty crucial you have that bag of beef jerky when you played for us back in September at Still Going over Decibel weekend, care to share with folks what brand of beef that was?

I don’t recall the brand, but I know it made all the difference! Remind me that we need to go shopping before the gig, OK? 🙂

Since it’s the Sweatbox 4 year and we’re getting all nostalgic, any fond/bizarre/debaucherous times come to mind from the several times you’ve played for us over the years?

I think it would be easier to recall the normal times, don’t you? Seems like whenever we all get together, some crazy shit goes down! I expect nothing less this time around!


Derek will be playing a 4 hour set starting promptly at 4am. All event details can be found here and in the promo video:

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