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DEMF is a mere 2 days away and after careful deliberation I’ve finally figured out the after-party schedule I’m trying to accomplish. In years previous I’ve thrown way too much on my plate and run myself ragged. This year we’re keeping it simple. Take a look and hopefully, Ill see you on the dance-floor.


The “Radio Skool on the Rooftop” party was looking better when it was actually on a rooftop, apparently Greektown Casino doesn’t like the noise and is forcing this party to move to the Works, but this is still a solid lineup and it’s been entirely way too long since I’ve seen Stacey Pullen, so this is looking to be Friday’s destination.


We’ll be joining the masses at City Club for Richie’s “Control” party. There’s no doubt in my mind that this is gonna be a madhouse and packed to the gills, but it’s been years since I’ve seen Hawtin play and what better time than now. Function 1 speakers being brought in, bring your earplugs.


Going old-school rave style with Derek Plaslaiko and Co at No Way Back. A quality lineup with a bullshit-free aesthetic, this will be a nice way to get good and primed for when things start getting really weird.


Which leads us to the show I’ve been looking forward to since I stumbled out of it last year, Shit Show 2, thrown by the fine folks over at Gary Springs Hunting Club and Random Reason. Two rooms and 24 hours of “pure fuck music,” as GSHC describes it. I can only imagine the heights of absurdity we’re gonna reach at TV Bar this year.


RECLOOSE (Planet e-New Zealand)
FRANKLIN DE COSTA (Sender/Trapez-Berlin)
CESARE VS DISORDER (Clink / Dumb Unit-Berlin)
EDDIE C (7 Inches of Love-Vancouver)
LE LOUP (Wolf+Lamb-Paris)
K ATOU (Lick My Deck-Greece)
CLINT STEWART (Paso Music, Nightlight-SF)
DEASTRO (Ghostly)
WAAJEED (Bling 47 NYC-Detroit)
BIG BULLY (Get Physical/Mo’s Ferry-NYC)
DEAD SEAL (Auralism-SF)
BLACK LIGHT SMOKE (Scissor and Thread-NYC)
RICH KORACH (As You Like It/Paxahau-SF)
ZE DARK PARK (featuring Perspects (Ersatz Audio/I.T.), Goudron, (Ersatz) & Dr. Disko Dust (Disko Raw)
SECRETS (GSHC/Secret Mixes Fixes)
CTRL_ALT_DLT (Sweatbox, From 0-1 Seattle)
E SPLEECE (Exchange Bureau)
DETHLAB (Detroit)
ATAXIA (Detroit)
SOREN (Dead Tiger)
MOBILE (Detroit)
MR JOSHOOA (Random Reason)


There were close to 50 after-hours events going on at last count so there are clearly some options on the table. Here’s to another year of pushing it to the limit and seeing how much music we can cram into a 4 day period. See you in Detroit!

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  1. Thu, May 26, 2011

    the shit show was a blast last year. that and old miami were the two highlights of movement 2010 for me. so wish i would be there! *sigh*

  2. Mon, May 13, 2013

    New Agenda & Dax present OK, COOL. An Official Movement After Party celebrating the music that we think is cool. Ok? Cool. 

    Allow us to bring you aural pleasure with a lineup that has been hand crafted from the finest magic dust the universe has to offer…

    For your eyes, ears and dancing shoes we feature the 20 Years of Kompakt Tour with Michael Mayer, his first performance in Detroit since destroying the Red Bull Stage at Movement in 2010. He was unable to make previous appearances here due to visa issues, but rest assured, he has all of the documentation needed to deliver a headlining set for us in 2013. Ok? Cool.

    In addition, we are happy to host exclusive performances from Jozif, Eddie C, Mike Huckaby, Rick Wade and Burnski. The supporting cast includes New Agenda founders: Ataxia, Dan Wagner & Mr. Joshooa, as well as their latest roster addition, Soren,  San Francisco legend Dax Lee, Detroit up and comer Alex Maniaci, Opencloud, Bon, Naveen G, and special guests.

    $10 before midnight // $20 after

    Detroit local? Show your ID at the door for a free drink on us!

    Sunday, May 26th

    New Agenda & Dax Presents 

    OK, COOL.

    Detroit Exclusives

    Michael Mayer (Kompakt)

    Mike Huckaby (Deep Tranportation | S Y N T H)

    Rick Wade (Harmonie Park)

    Jozif (Culprit | Leftroom | Crosstown Rebels)

    Eddie C (Endless Flight)

    Burnski (2020 Vision | Culprit)

    Michael Tello (Pillow Talk | Signal Flow | Touch Of Class)

    Along with

    Ataxia (New Agenda | Culprit | Paxahau)

    Dan Wagner (New Agenda | Culprit | Dead Tiger)

    Mr. Joshooa (New Agenda | TV Lounge)

    Open Cloud & Bon (Proton Radio | Waveform Rec)

    Dax Lee (Nexxus)

    Naveen G (listed prod.)

    Soren (New Agenda | Dead Tiger)

    Alex Maniaci (Dirty313ctronic)


    + more TBA, surprises, shenanigans and tom foolery!

    Inside / Outside
    Totally remodeled patio with new seating and dance floor!

    Live Video Mixing by VJ Vger!

    Detroit local? Show your ID at the door to get a drink on us!


    9pm Sunday – 1pm Monday

    TV Bar
    2548 Grand River Ave
    Detroit, Michigan 48201-2520


    get tickets:


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