Digitaline – “Comet”/”Neon” EP out now on Raoul

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Digitaline’s music washed up on the shores of my hard drive a few months ago and soon came to dominate my iPod rotation.  Since then I’ve been avidly chasing down (and rocking the fuck out of) as much of their music as I’ve been able to find.

Comprised of Swiss producers Gregorythme and LAPS, Digitaline has quietly carved out a very unique niche in the techno world during the past several years.  Lately their sound has trended towards the more epic side of the dance spectrum (check out their dance floor burner “Africa” from last year), and so far I haven’t been disappointed.  The latest EP on their Raoul imprint, comprised of the tracks “Comet” and “Neon,” continues to deliver the smooth, driving rhythms and all-consuming synth work I’ve come to appreciate.

The first track “Neon” lives up to its name, providing melodic bursts of sound that light up in your ears, all carried forward by a deep tribal groove that knows exactly when to bring the energy down before lifting the dance floor back up again.  This song builds tension in a very subtle way, all the while setting a futuristic mood that catches the crowd off-guard.  Definitely the perfect way to keep things interesting as the party fills up.

The second track “Comet” sets a more spacey atmosphere after a bouncy, house-friendly rhythm draws you in.  The dreamy melody eventually creeps up and builds upon itself, enticing the dance floor with its wispy trails and shimmering chimes.  This is one of those tracks that works well at just about any point in the party, whether as a quick breather during peak time or as an early morning groove.

With another solid release under their belts I’m definitely looking forward to hearing what these two continue to churn out.

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