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Miss Shelrawka


NYC / Seattle




House / Tech-house / Techno


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November 28th, 2011


From house to techno, this stompy mix spans the gamut


Miss Shelrawka (Miss-Shel-RAW-ka) is a welcome transplant from the East Coast to the West, and her delicious blend of genre-bending sets and brain-slamming beats have lit dance floors on fire from the Big Apple to the Emerald City to the City by the Bay. Combining a diverse range of musical interests with a keen sense of the dance floor’s desires, Miss Shelrawka now owns a unique style of funky minimal tech, techno, micro-house, house and tech-house, influenced by everything from indie, punk and 80’s electro to tribal rhythms and classic soul. No matter what, the basslines will be saturated with techy sounds and infused with funk. She has shared decks with Sassmouth (Hej Recordings), Julietta (Harry Klein/Munich), DJ Donna Edwards(NYC) and Tony Touch (Funk Box NYC).

Holding her own as she throws down the filth, Miss Shelrawka truly uses the mixer as a tool and creates velvety blends of multi-genre sounds, spanking the decks and delivering unbruised beats that flow out of her fingers.

Dave Segal of The Stranger writes: “[Miss Shelrawka] brings an East Coast energy and grittiness to her techno and house mixes. They’re also incredibly sexy, featuring much percolating hand percussion; swiveling, loin-engorging bass lines; cooing, groaning, and sighing vocals; and ass-smacking beats … a low-slung, funky, tribal strain of minimal techno – with excellent aesthetics and technique.”



  1. Immorale (First) - Sandwell District - Conducted
  2. Purple Drank - Axel Boman - Zebralution
  3. Lo-Fi Lovers - Attemporal Remix, K21 - Anozer
  4. Soul in a Bottle feat. Big Bully - Jay Haze - Kindisch Records
  5. You Control Myself (Velvet Edit) - Tim Xavier & Camea - Play All
  6. Lovin Together - Coat of Arms - Pets Record
  7. Hey Baby (Chris Lattner Remix) - Oliver Klien - Great Stuff
  8. That's Right - Tini - Desolat
  9. Why You love Me - The Analogue Cops - Restoration Records
  10. Swimming With Sharks - Mutiny UK - Ovum
  11. Sterlyad - Easy Changes - Mean
  12. NY Dreamer (Alix Alvarez remix) - Shlomi Aber - Ovum
  13. No Difference - Dennis Ferrer - Andre Hommen - Objectivity
  14. Grey Area (Steve Bug remix) - Simon Baker- 20:20 Vision
  15. Ebian (Argy's Legendery Bonus Beats) - Jerome Sydenham remixed by Argy - Ibadan Recordings
  16. All My People - Mr. G & Gary Beck - Bek Audio
  17. Body Shiver (original mix) - Waifs & Strays - Hot creation
  18. Last Chance Saloon - OCH - Turbo Records

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