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December 5th, 2011


Heavy-hitting drum and bass from two Seattle drum and bass heavy-hitters


Quadrant have been writing quality Drum and Bass for nearly eight years. From their humble origins as a group of hungry young producers in a Philadelphia basement, to their current status as respected artists on the worldwide scene, their goal has always been the same: make music that they are proud to call their own.

Having originally gained modest notoriety for their bootleg of Faithless’s “Crazy English Summer”, 2005 saw their debut release, “Arachnid”, on the legendary UK label Renegade Hardware. During the next year, they released three more tunes on Hardware, most notably “Manipulated Living” on the Carpe Diem LP, a track that hasn’t left many DJs’ crates since. Since then, their output has been slow but steady, and they have amassed a highly respected slew of appearances on Triple Vision labels Citrus and Fokuz, showcasing their equal proclivities for dancefloor impact and melodic beauty.

2011 represents a remarkable push forward for Quadrant; the volume of their output has greatly increased, but like a fine wine, the years have only sharpened their ear for quality and detail. A forthcoming collaboration with like-minded producers Allied on Trust in Music, a killer remix swap with Italy’s venerable Dabs on Citrus, several new solo tunes in the pipeline, and worldwide DJ support spanning the gamut from Goldie to State of Mind, are serving to make this an exciting time for Quadrant, their music, and their loyal fans.

Iris was introduced to electronic music at age 13, when she first heard “Insomnia” by Faithless on Seattle’s C89.5. Since then, her love affair with themusic has only intensified as she has honed a diverse set of tastes and an equally exacting repertoire of skills behind the decks. Her journey has taken her from UK Hard House, into the sounds of Trance and Progressive, finally culminating in her current focus of Deep Drum and Bass, Techno, and more recently, French House.

Iris has one overriding principle: always play what she considers to be the best music the scene has to offer. These days, that means drawing on artists such as Ulterior Motive, Break, Heavy1, Survival, Icicle, and Quadrant. As new exciting artists appear, rest assured she will discover them, and continue to push sounds that push boundaries



  1. Rockwell - Aria - Critical
  2. Ultra Clean - Icicle & Commix - Shogun Audio
  3. Alien Groove - Icicle - Shogun Audio
  4. Catch 22 - Skeptical - Ingredients
  5. Ed Rush & Optical - Medicine (Matrix Remix) - Virus
  6. Dabs & June Miller - Ditch - Horizons
  7. Enei, MC DRS - Obsession feat. MC DRS - Critical
  8. DBR UK - Fortress VIP - Dispatch
  9. Lynx & Henree - Deez Breakz (feat Kemo) - Soul:r
  10. Homemade Weapons - Copperhead VIP - Dub
  11. Need For Mirrors - Pitchfork - SGN:LTD
  12. Rene LaVice - Pulserate - Machinist
  13. Lenzeman - Mass Effect - Metalheadz
  14. Quadrant & Iris - Sparse - Dub
  15. Enei - Stonehead - Critical
  16. Quadrant - Trompe l'oeil - Citrus
  17. Heavy1 - Voyager 2 - Smptm
  18. Dub Phizix - Domepiece - Ingredients
  19. Dabs - Crawler (Quadrant Remix) - Citrus
  20. Enei, Riya - No Fear feat. Riya - Critical
  21. Homemade Weapons - Slivers (VIP) - Dub
  22. Sunchase & Nickbee - Sleep On the Stairs - Horizons
  23. Flame & Displaced Paranormals - Resistance (Subterra & Dekko remix) - Modulate
  24. Noisia - Hand Gestures (feat Joe Seven) - Vision
  25. Icicle - Running From Arrows - Shogun Audio
  26. Kasra & Jubei - The Rift - Critical
  27. Heavy1 - Millers - Samurai Music
  28. Hybris - The Cleaner - Critical
  29. Calibre & ST Files - Falling Down
  30. Rockwell - My War - Shogun
  31. Skeptical - Blue Eyes - Ingredients
  32. Quadrant & Homemade Weapons - Tilt/Shift - Citrus
  33. Dub Phizix - The Editor - Soul:r
  34. Sinistarr & K-Dan - Apollo - Tech Noir
  35. ASC & Method One - Deadlock - Free!
  36. Homemade Weapons - The Double Cross - Dub
  37. Peter Kurten & Malicious - Ultrasonics - Culture Assault

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