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July 30th, 2012


Schizo mix of dark and driving drum and bass with furious and intelligent jungle. Old school, meet new school.


M4Y4 (read as Maya) has been influenced by the electronic music since the end of 80s, early 90s by bands like Depeche Mode, KLF, NIN, FLA etc. In the middle of 90s he has been introduced to Goldie’s first album Timeless which made him more aware to unknown music genre – drum and bass. That has led him to dig in more and to discover deeper and dark basslines within legendary Grooverider’s compilation The Prototype Years, which should later play key role in his musical DJ progress. The sounds of golden Tech-step, neuro-funk era around 2000 is that what influenced him mostly to these days.

It’s not a surprise that you will find a lot of old classics in his sets together with the hottest new singles. Dark corners, metal beats and heavy kicks will be always main parts of his sets though. Don’t expect any mainstream stuff or wobbles which are so popular in the drum and bass scene these days.

He was involved as a promoter in co-organising unique music/visual DrumiX parties for several years thanks to which introduced names like Rockwell, Cyantific, SPOR, Logistics and many others (some for the first time) to the Czech crowd.

Since 2008 he is being part of the famous czech Shadowbox crew as a DJ, editor, photographer and a promoter. He has even started with his friend DJ Rudeboy their own radio show for RadioShadowbox called “Zero degrees podcast” last year.

He has become lately a new member of Let It Roll crew which is responsible for the biggest drum and bass festival in Europe.



  1. Strago - Only One Possible Future - Vampire
  2. June Miller - Half Top Feelings (Amoss remix) - Horizons
  3. Teebee - Quiet Moment - Subtitles
  4. Basher & Xtrah - Hubble - Subtitles
  5. Enei - Stonehead - Critical
  6. Siren - Broken Silence - Siren
  7. Icicle - Alien Groove - Shogun Audio
  8. Dub Phizix - Never Been (feat. Fox) - Critical
  9. Rockwell - Keep Calm - Critical
  10. Skeptical - Cold One (Jubei remix) - Ingredients
  11. BTK - Drop It - Dutty Audio
  12. Ulterior Motive - Tesla - Subtitles
  13. Matrix - Apache - Virus
  14. Noisia & Teebee - Time Stops - Subtitles
  15. Cause 4 Concern - Distress Signal - Full Force
  16. Siren - Snorkel - Siren
  17. Menace & Teknik - Rise & Fall - Renegade Hardware
  18. Break - Hooked Up - Symmetry
  19. Trace & Optical - Kridian - Virus
  20. SKC - Recharger (Black Sun Empire remix) - Nerve
  21. Break & Silent Witness - Rain Man - Commercial Suicide
  22. Hive & Echo - Catalyst - Commercial Suicide
  23. Vicious Circle - Instinct - Siren
  24. Prolix - Funkhole - Commercial Suicide
  25. Nymfo - Under Fire - Commercial Suicide
  26. Break - Condenser - Symmetry
  27. Ed Rush & Optical - Compound - Virus
  28. Dose - Caffeine Dream - Subtitles
  29. Inztance - She's Gone - Vampire

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