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December 20th, 2010


Pretty with a hint of pop, this mix explores dance music with clear influences of disco, rock and early house


FAX (Rubén Tamayo) has become one of México most respected electronic music producers since his first release in 2002 on Static Discos, the Mexican label he co-founded alongside MURCOF and Ejival. Rounding out a plethora of minimal techno releases FAX has also released music on the distinguished German labels Traum and Level. After a couple of understated ambient releases, FAX returns to the dancefloor, describing Zig Zag, his newest recording, as his definitive pop album. On Zig Zag FAX shifts from melodic techno to shimmering electronic pop with vocals from Alex Ayuli (AR Kane), Valentina and Mariana Monjeau (Altocamet and Isla de los Estados). Zig Zag shows the diversity in FAX ‘s producing capabilities with a more luminous approach than his previous two albums, it is a return to danceable rhythms inspired in the latest trends in techno and subtle post-cosmic disco forms combined with dreamy guitar patterns and deep 4 x 4 pulses. It is possibly FAX’s most accessible album yet, while retaining the sleek sounds he has been known throughout his career.

Fax’s contribution to the Plasmodium series twirls between the well and unknown run down of marginal pop classics of the now. From the cosmo balearic musings of Blondes and Turzi through the psychedelic italo of Blacmale. Fax keeps the pace going, slowing down in the late night vibes of Toby Tobias and Franc Spangler and splits the fog in the hypnagogic world of Teen Daze, rebounding in the dreamtime – reminiscent of his own shoegaze pop influences of his most recent album – of Gold Panda, Holy Other, Oni Ayuni and the post world rock vibe of Bear In Heaven. A multisensorial affair where rays of light filter through the early haze of morning while keeping the beat alive.



  1. Civil Defense Is Common Sense - The Advisory Circle - Ghostbox
  2. Paradise City - Blondes - Merok
  3. Baltimore (Lovelock Remix) - Turzi - Record Makers
  4. Golden Day - Blacmale - Static Discos
  5. Macasu (Adriatic Disco Remix) - Toby Tobias - Late Night Audio
  6. Forever And A Dub - Franc Spangler - Delusions Of Grandeur
  7. Around - Teen Daze - Arcade Sound Ltd.
  8. Vanilla Minus - Gold Panda - Notown
  9. Yr Love (Magick Mountain Deep Cover Remix) - Holy Other
  10. OAR003-B - Oni Ayhun - Oni Ayhun Records
  11. Beast In Peace (The Hundred In The Hands Beast In Beat Remix) - Bear In Heaven - Dreamboat Records

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