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Mikael Stavöstrand


Los Angeles


Sunset Diskos / Highgrade / Clink


House / Tech-house


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January 31st, 2011


Elegant and micro, soft and chunky, this well-rounded house and tech house mix is mellow enough for morning yet danceable enough for the afterparty


Though perhaps a bit unrecognized to the global music community, Stockholm’s Mikael Stavöstand played a major role in Scandinavia’s experimental electronic music scene during the late ’90s and early 2000s as not only a prolific artist but also as an event organizer, sound installation artist, and label manager. After having recorded for labels such as 12k, Firework, and Staalplaat, Stavöstand brought Mitek to life, a boutique label he personally oversaw. After debuting Mitek with Lite, a full-length album of minimal glitch that was celebrated for its intelligent application of computer-assembled sounds, the Swedish artist joined forces with Germany’s mammoth Force Inc label in early 2001. On this world-recognized, innovative experimental techno label, Stavöstrand released another full-length, Reduce, which saw him applying his meticulous glitch aesthetic to an ambient dub-techno template. Undeniably his most accessible and widely praised release to date, Reduce introduced Stavöstrand to a global audience as one of the leading ambient glitch artists working within the quickly evolving style.

– Jason Birchmeier, Rovi



  1. Vita & Collins - Things That Bother Me - Unreleased
  2. Whoa Buck - Anthony Collins One Way To The South Remix - Sunset Diskos
  3. Agaric - Who Made Up The Rules - Ovum
  4. The Mole - The Mole Presents Guilty Pleasures
  5. Art Of Tones feat Jaw - Naive
  6. Soul Capsule - Waiting 4 A Way
  7. Petre Inspirescu - Fiare
  8. Rainer Trueby - Es Lo Que Pasa
  9. Time Passes (Dyed soundorom's Code Quantum Remix)
  10. Baby Ford & Benno Blome - Smoke Machine (Bruno Pronsatos Easy On The Eyes Remix)
  11. Dewalta - Farina
  12. Danjel Esperanza & Abwrackpraemie - Abgewrackt (Bastian's Bleep to deep edit)
  13. Dandy Jack and the Latin Lava - El Gigolo Andino
  14. Agaric - Inside My Head - Ovum
  15. Thomas Brinkmann - Souls
  16. loco dice - pimp jackson is talkin now - desolat
  17. Nick Chicano
  18. Walker Barnard - Follow The Smoke (Clovis remix) - Adjunct
  19. Jon McMillion - House Marque (whoa buck double parked spaceship mix) - Adjunct
  20. Dinky - Wet Hair - Wagon Repair
  21. Cesare vs Disorder & Rainer - O Vinho
  22. Digitaline - Say so (featuring Tigerlily)
  23. Standard Fair - After The Sorrow
  24. Cherry - Alex (Nick Curly Remix)
  25. Andri - Pimpin Bell
  26. Aquarel - Fixed noise (Re-UP remix)
  27. Anthony Collins - Things Fall Apart
  28. Bruno Pronsato - Anybody But You
  29. Seuil & Tolga - Galata
  30. Melchior Productions ltd. - Cinza De Fenix
  31. Meat & Chris Wood - Tazarine (Lauhaus remix)
  32. NSI - Dual

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